Portuguese food in Caracas - La Rampiña

When you enter a restaurant and the owner greets you at the door and greets you with a handshake, you know that everything will turn out well.

This happened to me recently when I visited La Rampiña , a restaurant of Portuguese food located on Avenida Urdaneta, half a block from Plaza Candelaria, Caracas.

Small, simple, staffed by the owner, La Rampiña has been preparing the most emblematic dishes of Portugal for 30 years. The prices are slightly below those of the Spanish bars that are in the area, and the quality of the food is excellent. Serve hearty portions , as it should be.

In the letter you can get recommendations of the day (which are why you must guide at the time of ordering) and varied dishes from that country. There is also some Spanish gastronomy for those who believe that the place is a tavern.

menu la rampinha

Many dishes with cod , the star ingredient of Portuguese cuisine , chorizos, the classic feijoada, guts a Portuguese, lamb and the famous green broth are some of the preparations you can ask for.

On my visit I went for a fish croquettes starter, and two main dishes with cod.

The croquettes were perfect. And I give you a datum, the croquettes are an excellent thermometer to measure the quality of a restaurant: if they are poorly made, your food will not be good, without being good, be prepared to enjoy.

fish croquettes

Then came the cod.

Roasted cod. What a simple, delicious thing. A piece of this grilled fish with absolutely nothing, not even salt. On top they put onions and peppers in strips (raw), raw garlic and all the olive oil you want. On one side, steamed potatoes. Believe me, you do not need anything else.

roasted cod

The other dish It was a soup of rice with cod. With some red beans. Again, with all the olive oil you want. It seemed ready for the gods of Olympus.

ravaged cod

Rations they are huge. They could eat 2 people from a plate. The quality and taste, not to mention.

If you get to visit, ask for something with cod, please.