Peruvian food in Caracas: La Tasca de Juancho

Did I tell you that I am a fan of Peruvian food? A trip to Lima 2 years ago changed my life. Now I can not live without yellow chili in my fridge.

Because of this new great love I have been looking for places where the gastronomy of this wonderful country has the same taste that I tasted there in my travels.

I tried several places, I suffered fiascos with these supposed mergers, which are not bad, but they do not know Peru. Fortunately there are sites that did.

One of them is La Tasca de Juancho, a restaurant that is half a block from the Plaza Bolivar de Chacao, in Caracas.

When You see the place from the street, you think you're about to enter a den of dubious origin, but everything changes as soon as you pass through the door. It is a restaurant with atmosphere of tasca, cheerful, full of good vibes, and always full of guests. Their owners are friendly, and the menu, although a bit high in prices, aptly summarizes Peru's most popular dishes.

You can ask for an entry for example the incredible anticuchos (heart of beef), ceviches several, cause stuffed, tiraditos, or a good suck of shrimp.

To then go for a principal as For example, fish cracklings (diced with fried potatoes and purple onion mince, Peruvian chili and coriander) or grilled octopus, which I did not ask for, and absolutely everyone who has visited the place tells me that I missed something incredible. Obviously I'll come back and take revenge.

You can also try the Asian influences in the Peruvian cuisine , there are sautéed noodles, rice chaufa (it's almost the same as Chinese rice) and chipped chicken (with soy sauce). p>

They even have rice with seafood and green rice with duck, dishes that transport me automatically to the historical center of Lima:

For dessert? ask for a Lima sigh.

Now that I live in Madrid , I have the perfect substitute for this place. Here I go to the delicious Restaurant Lupita, and I'm happy 🙂